Roelfke Huttenga (1994) is an internationally-oriented Dutch pianist. She started studying the piano at the age of nine. Her professional training was at the Prins Claus Conservatoire and ArtEZ Academy of Music, first dabbling in a music in education major and later finishing her studies as a piano performance major. Roelfke graduated as a Master of Music in 2021, studying under Frank van de Laar.

During Roelfke’s studies and concert engagements, she has engaged in many collaborations. One of her core businesses is accompanying singers, for which she received tuition from Marien van Nieukerken as a part of her minor studies. During Roelfke’s studies, she broadened her knowledge in the form of musical theater projects, several chamber music ensembles, and studying historical instruments. Roelfke currently focuses on the repertoire for piano solo, as well as ensemble playing. She collaborates regularly with Dorien Deodatus, a soprano; and with Naomi Perquin, a saxophonist.

Roelfke Huttenga plays in venues across the Netherlands; among these are the Arkezaal in Enschede, – where she recorded several pieces – the Deventer Schouwburg and the ‘s Heerensociëteit in Zwolle.

Roelfke’s mission is to make classical music accessible through an enhanced focus and communication on stage. She makes a point of choosing lesser-played and often lesser-known music in order to create a fresh experience and emphasize the music she feels is important.