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Roelfke Huttenga is an enthusiastic and experienced pianist and piano teacher. Roelfke teaches piano in Zwolle in your own home and in Ommen at Muziekschool Pianoforte, and is an active soloist and chamber musician.

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About Roelfke

Roelfke Huttenga started playing the piano at the age of nine. In 2011 she studied with Anastasia Goldberg for two years in Groningen, where she followed the preparatory course for Music in Education.

The course proved to be an important stepping stone towards her piano performance study, which she started in 2013 at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Zwolle. After four years of piano tuition under Marius van Paassen she continued her studies in 2017 with Frank van de Laar. In 2018 she graduated as a Bachelor of Music with the grade of 7.5; after this she continued her studies in the form of contract education. Roelfke took masterclasses with Miguel Henriques, David Kuyken, Justin Krawitz, and Susanne Kessel, among others.

Roelfke is currently pursuing a Master of Music degree in performance at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Zwolle.

Besides studying the repertoire for piano solo, Roelfke also plays chamber music in many diverse formations. An important part of her collaborations is her work as a lied accompanist. She specialized in this area through intensive weekly lessons with Marien van Nieukerken from 2016 to 2017, as a part of her electives. Roelfke was also an active participant in many of the ArtEZ lied classes, which were taught by international lecturers.

Roelfke enjoys taking diverse courses: she collaborated in several musical theater performances in her second year, took vocal lessons with Claudia Patacca in her third year, and is currently a participant in the interdisciplinary Honours Programma of the ArtEZ University of the Arts, to name a few examples. Moreover, Roelfke is especially interested in historical instruments. She studied at the √Črard with Fred Oldenburg in her second year and took harpsichord lessons with Tineke Steenbrink in her first year.

Roelfke currently performs as both a soloist and collaborative pianist. She works together regularly with Janina Raguse, soprano; Djuwa Mroivili, pianist; and is a member of Turn it up to 11. Roelfke has a private teaching practice and is also a teacher at the Kubus in Lelystad.

Piano lessons

Roelfke Hutttenga teaches piano lessons in Zwolle and Ommen.

Why take up the piano?

The piano is a great instrument to discover. Creating music with your own two hands is the perfect way to have fun. You can play almost anything on the piano, and that’s what makes piano playing so exciting and gives it such variety.

In short

I teach all ages and levels; my lessons are tailor-made to suit each individual. For advanced students, the lessons are based around classical music. However, beginners and intermediate students will receive instruction centering on general music appreciation, which encompasses all major styles – jazz and pop pieces will also be studied, among others. To truly cater for the taste of each and every student, I use different piano methods regularly and offer supplemental pieces and songs that go along with the student’s interests.

I am bilingual, which means I teach in both Dutch and English. I grew up abroad and had almost all my schooling in English up until the university level.

Lesson fee

Lessons are based on a fee of 40 euros per hour – lesson time slots offered are half an hour, three quarters of an hour, and an hour. For very young students, lessons of 20 minutes are also possible. For students aged 21 and up, 21% is added to the fee in order to comply with government tax regulations.

Contact me

To book a free trial lesson, or for any questions you may still have, please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here.

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